A Global Movement of Sharing

Welcome to the global community focused on sharing innovative practices to change decision making and behaviours to mitigate bias and support inclusive organisations and society. Tinna C Nielsen and Lisa Kepinski launched this initiative in 2013, and currently it has a large group of practitioners, managers, and leaders focused on improving decision making by applying the latest research and techniques from behavioral economics, neuroscience, psychology, and other fields to the practice of organisational development and Inclusion & Diversity (I&D). This goes hand in hand in a global world of increased complexity and dramatic demographic changes.

After many years as practitioners of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D), Tinna and Lisa felt there was an impasse in the approaches being used to leverage the diversity of talent, to create inclusive cultures, and to foster greater innovation in organisations. With the emergence of new findings in neuroscience and the growth of behavioral economics, they were inspired to apply this to the practice of Inclusion & Diversity to foster systemic, cultural, and behavioural change in organisations.

Essentially, the work on Inclusion & Diversity is culture change work, with initiatives often focusing on mindset. While many organisations have launched training programs on unconscious bias (something that we absolutely agree is a needed step), there was also a strongly emerging question from our colleagues and business leaders asking, “What next?” after these trainings. We attended many professional meetings with I&D practitioners from around the world and repeatedly kept hearing this sentiment being expressed, along with growing frustration. There was little being offered on how to apply this knowledge to actually change behavior for inclusiveness. Awareness alone is not the answer!

Taking inspiration from many researchers (including C. & D. Heath, R. Thaler, C. Sunstein, D. Pink, D. Kahneman, D. Ariely and many more), Tinna Nielsen and Lisa Kepinski applied these behavioural insights on human motivation, decision making, innovation, behavioral change, and culture change in the organisations where we worked as head of Inclusion & Diversity. We joined forces in 2013 sharing our successful approaches and merged these to a concept and frame, we could share with others. We named this concept and practical techniques Inclusion Nudges. After nearly two years of extensive research, coupled with our decades of experience in the I&D field, and testing with I&D colleagues around the world, Lisa Kepinski and Tinna Nielsen created the Guidebook on Inclusion Nudges.