What’s Inclusion Nudges?

Inclusion Nudges are practical interventions designed to mitigate bias by gently pushing the brain in the direction of inclusive behaviour and decision-making without incentives or punishment.

Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen have coined the term and created a framework with three (3) types of Inclusion Nudges. This is the outcome of many years of working as internal change makers in multinationals having been experimenting with behavioural economics, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, and organisational development to create inclusive organisations.

All three types target hidden barriers in the employee lifecycle and organisational culture to improve decisions about people, and leverage the full potential of people, teams and the organisation.

“Could this be a silver bullet? Inclusion nudges have the potential to be real game changers. A small nudge here, a small nudge there can lead to organisations achieve significant change in shifting the paradigm towards a greater inclusion and richer diversity.”

Nia Joynson-RomanzinaFounder of iCubed, Former Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity UBS and SwissRe

“Inclusion nudges helped enable individuals to move from general  awareness to catalyst agents for I&D … the ideas were simple and immediately actionable, with several members of my team incorporating changes in their day to day leadership within 2 days of the workshop experience.  Looking forward to driving additional diversity of thought within operations due to further incorporation”

Kaye DeLangeOperations Manager for Cargill Salt, US

Implicit biases influence our judgment and decision-making. They affect our choices about who to work, play and partner with, education and careers. They can influence who we hire, promote, and reward, and where we allocate precious resources. This is important to IBM, as to any business dealing with people. Once we’re aware of our biases, Inclusion Nudging is a way of achieving a more adequate behaviour. We want to develop these skills in IBM Denmark, and therefore we have trained a team of champions who can work with Inclusion Nudging throughout the organisation.

Ulla DalsgaardDiversity Program Manager, IBM Denmark

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