Securing Leadership Empathy and Engagement in Reducing Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination

(Submitted by Tinna C. Nielsen)


  1. Collect (anonymous) examples from people having experienced unacceptable behavior in your organization or community.
  2. Write their stories in first person ‘I’ style.
    Visualize their stories in speech bubbles, print them, and post them on the walls for people to read.
  3. Post other info about the consequences based on what research shows, i.e. a person looses 30% decision-making power when experiencing unacceptable behaviour, and if one person in a team of 8 experiences this kind of misconduct over a long period of time it reduces the productivity of the entire team by 12,5 % (make sure you have the correct up-to-date data)



  • People are often blind to inequality and unacceptable behavior around them.
  • Make them see it and feel it to motivate them to engage in making the needed changes.
  • When we experience other people being treated badly, discriminated and excluded, it triggers the area of the brain where physical pain and empathy is located. It motivates us to want to change this.
  • When being confronted with losses it triggers the ‘loss-aversion bias’ which motivates us to want to avoid this.


! Make sure you enable and empower people to do something specific immediately after this motivational intervention.
Use the ‘Process Inclusion Nudges’ for this purpose.
Read more in the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook.