Join us in this global movement to learn from others & share your insights and practices. We are sharing real examples of proven practices that have worked for us and others in order to inspire you to create your own Inclusion Nudges. This community exists and works because of people just like you…curious, experimenting, sharing, inspiring! We want to hear from you, especially about any examples of Inclusion Nudges that you use. Your examples may be included in an upcoming Inclusion Nudges Newsletter and included in the next edition of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook.

Ways to work with us on tapping into the power of Inclusion Nudges with your organization:


    INCLUSION NUDGES: Practical Techniques for Behaviour, Culture, & System Change to Mitigate Unconscious Bias & Create Inclusive Organisations.

    In this guide, we introduce you to three types of Inclusion Nudges that have worked for us and for other practitioners. Using the employee life cycle and organisational culture as our framework, we have focused on the micro-decision points: the moments when we have an opportunity to outsmart our brain and prod it towards decisions more aligned with our stated intentions of inclusiveness. We’ve found that with a micro-intervention, such as an Inclusion Nudge, at these crucial points, we can generate macro changes in bias mitigation and create more inclusive cultures.


    Organizational Culture Scans

    Getting a neutral expert partner to help you look at your organizational challenges and barriers is an invaluable foundation for designing Inclusion Nudges. Our rigorous methodology tapping into quantitative and qualitative data to assess for bias, yields valuable insight for areas to target for Inclusion Nudges, as well as to incorporate into your I&D strategy and actions.


    Workshops & Presentations on the Brain and Bias

    Though we like to believe we are rational thinkers, nearly 90% of the time we’re actually relying on the automatic, subconscious system of the brain to make decisions. This automatic system evolved to ensure our survival; however, the world is vastly more complex today. The brain has to manage more than 11 million bits of information at any given moment, and shortcuts have evolved to accomplish this without using a lot of energy. In most cases it works, but in many other cases, errors in judgment are made, which are not registered in the conscious mind. Unconscious biased thinking is universal; more than 150 common biases have been identified to date. These may be in direct conflict with our intention to give people equal opportunities and make rational decisions rooted in inclusion. Having a grasp of how our brain processes information, human behavioral motivation factors, change techniques, and decision making is a crucial step for all organizations who want to become more inclusive.

    However, awareness alone on UB is not enough! The difference with our approach to unconscious bias is that we don’t stop with awareness, but incorporate practical internal application examples and introduce the Inclusion Nudges approach. Our goal is to partner with you as you use Inclusion Nudges to Outsmart Your Brain.


    Presentations & Learning Lab on Inclusion Nudges

    This interactive learning lab is designed to help organisations move beyond awareness of unconscious bias. Awareness alone does not lead to cultural and behavioural change. To make it stick, a combined approach is needed on understanding, feeling, motivation, behaviours and rganization l processes.

    Inclusion Nudges are relatively soft, nonintrusive mental pushes that will alter behaviours and help our brains make better decisions for a more inclusive organization, and thus help your organization reap the benefits of D&I on talent, innovation, market growth, global effectiveness and leadership. Examples of Nudges in everyday life, including the workplace, are provided; then we turn to key design principles of Nudges, and becoming a Choice Architect for Inclusion. We work with all three types of Inclusion Nudges discussed in our book. We apply the knowledge of bias and the nudging technique to your key rganization l challenges, barriers, practices, and procedures where bias may occur. Aimed at critical decision points, we teach you how to design your own bespoke Inclusion Nudges for your organization to foster behavioural change for a more inclusive environment.


    Contract with Us

    We love designing Inclusion Nudges, and have deep experience with Inclusion and Diversity in organizations. Allow us to bring to your organization this innovative way of driving inclusive behavior change that will stick!


    Inspirational Interactive Sessions

    To support the Global Inclusion Nudges Community, we offer opportunities to connect, share and inspire each other in the practice of designing and using Inclusion Nudges.  Details on upcoming opportunities and events will be posted on the website and in the Newsletter.


    Coaching Internal Change Agents

    You’re not alone!  Get the support you need, when you need it, and from experts on Inclusion Nudges.