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3 ways employers can reduce anti-Muslim prejudice

Yes, I’m Biased…

We all know workplace diversity makes sense: so why is change so slow?


Is this why we’ve not achieved gender equality at work?

100 Years Forward … 200 More Years to Go!

On their daughters’ shoulders: Men stepping up to lead for greater gender inclusion

How to develop inclusive cities by mitigating unconscious bias

Tackling Unconscious Bias to Create Inclusive Business Environments

11 practical ways to outsmart your brain for better decision-making

Nudging the Unconscious Mind for Inclusiveness

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HR, Inclusion and Diversity: Where to From Here?

Creating Inclusive Cultures

Inclusiveness in the Workplace – How Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Diversity and Inclusion Minus the Blame and Shame

Gap Jumpers

The Brainfluence Podcast

By people in this community

Forget Macro, Forget Micro, Think Nudge

Designing For Behavior Change

Mit Vielfalt und Fairness zum Erfolg

Mit Vielfalt und Fairness zum Erfolg

The Behavioral Economics Guide 2016

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

New Directions in Diversity and Inclusion

Interrupt Unconscious Bias Through Inclusion Nudges

Shaping Diversity Part Three

Breaking free from bias

Breaking Free from Bias: Preventing Costly Complaints, Conflict and Talent Loss

4 Simple On-Ramps That Would Help Women Return to Work After a Career Break

Shaping Diversity Part Two

Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference

Diversity Toolkit

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The Inclusive Power of Small Specific Improvements

Everyday Bias

Small Nudges Help Organizations Achieve Diversity

Shaping Diversity Part One