Your Weekly Inclusion Nudge: Pictures to counter stereotypes

Your Weekly Inclusion Nudge: Pictures to counter stereotypes

Pictures to Counter Stereotypes

This is a ‘Framing’ Inclusion Nudge.
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The World Day for Social justice (UN) is Feb 20th and we all have a role to play! Social Justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. We have social justice when we promote gender equality or the rights of all people, and when we remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. Only then, will we see inclusive development and human dignity.

The Challenge

The challenge is that most people are blind to the stereotypes that are maintaining inequality and stuck patterns. This makes it difficult to change stereotypes, instead we reproduce them.

How it works: The Inclusion Nudge

Use pictures to counter stereotypes – like these:

Pictures on toilet doors, taken by Lisa Kepinski in Denmark, 2014

  Picture of a walking path in Helsinki Finland. Taken by Ursula A. Wynhoven, 2014

The Inclusion Nudge is to display images that counter stereotypes – in this case images that portray men as caretakers – in strategically important places in your organization (including postings of leadership positions, meeting rooms and internal communication), community, and society.

Why it works: Behavioural Insights

Images create associations in the unconscious mind and these associations function as mental short cuts and are often driven by stereotypes. Our behaviour and decision-making often maintains these stereotypes as a consequence. These pictures (above) are examples of how to change the implicit association of women=caretaker by framing caretaker with the male gender. These images are priming a different association that counter the stereotypes. The Inclusion Nudge is to prime a specific association in the unconscious brain: man=caretaker.


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