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We are Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen,
the Founders of the Inclusion Nudges global initiative and authors of The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook and the Action Guide Series.

In this blog we share our personal and professional insights from leading change efforts for more diverse, equal, and inclusive organisations and communities worldwide.
Our purpose is to inspire and empower you to apply behavioural insights and the Inclusion Nudges change approach to make impactful change in your sphere of influence.


Empowerment by Naming Specific Behaviours

This is the story of how small actions can empower a large group of people to stand up and stand tall when the challeng…

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‘Calling In’ Instead of ‘Calling Out’ Behaviour

‘Calling out’ inappropriate behaviour is a vividly recommended action to create change. It can have a big effect, but i…

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Ask Lisa & Tinna: How Can We Ensure Intersectionality is Bes...

This question comes from Misel Ahom, who is the Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion in Beiersdorf, a consumer prod…

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When Does a 'Priority' Take 257 Years?

This is an update to Lisa’s 2018 article on International Women’s Day. Since that publication, rather than making progr…

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Don't Set Targets for Women - but for Max 70% of the Same Ge...

Setting targets to reduce homogeneity instead of focusing on women, minorities, and diversity can significantly reframe…

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How to Make Inclusion an Everyday Priority in Our Workplaces...

Guest Blog Writer in February, Lynne Connolly has been applying Inclusion Nudges in her work since 2019 as Global Head …

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Ask Lisa & Tinna: How to Spark a Discussion on Meritocracy?

This question comes from Christie who is a global HR leader in a multinational. We’ve worked with her, DEI leaders, HR …

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Mandate for Change

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is based on creating change from limiting, harming, and ineffective cur…

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Data as a Catalyst for Designing Change

In behavioural change work, an evidenced-based, data-informed approach is needed to support the intended changes in beh…

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