Partner – Giving technical expertise

Partner – Giving technical expertise

Invitation to join us in partnership

Giving technical expertise

Organisations and people that provide services or skills to help develop and drive the initiative’s global activities. It could be: building online platform, social media campaigns, technical support.

Reach out to discuss how we can
partner to make more impact together

Great organisations supporting us

Deep Design Agency

DEEP has designed our new logo and helped us design this website to establish, evolve or extend the Inclusion Nudges Initiative. They have done this 50% pro bono.

Thank you Adam and Kaeli for your support!


Treeshake is helping change makers gain buy-in for change, innovation, and new ideas. They have been helping us make a strategy for how to reach more people for more impact. Treeshake has done this work 50% pro bono.

Thank you Dave, Natalie, and Maximillian

Great people supporting us

Julian built this website from scratch and is a very dedicated person to work with. He has found solutions for all the web challenges we have encountered. Julian has helped many non-profit initiatives as a volunteer.

Thank you Julian for your help.

Silje Vallestad is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. Since the age of 14 years, she has founded a number of international organisations and companies ranging from NGOs to tech startups. She is the co-founded of FutureTalks.

Thank you Silje for your help.

Christina is a business anthropologist and a social entrepreneur, helping organisations change human behaviour and to create great business for a better world. She is a trusted advisor for managers, CEOs and politicians.

Thank you Christina for your help!


You would like to help?

We need help to reach millions of people through communication and social media campaigns. We need help to build an online platform as a tool with all the Inclusion Nudges examples.  We need help for many things – just reach out to us.

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