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Partner – Sharing

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Matt supports us with his experience in applying behavioural insights to make changes, and from building and scaling start-ups and tools to promote gender parity:, He is working at the intersection of behavior change and business, based on his academic background in social psychologist. He has worked for Microsoft and now for Clover Health.

Thank you Matt for your advice and help.

Kate supports us with her experience from developing  and scaling Applied, which is a web platform that takes the bias out of hiring decisions. Applied was incubated in the Behavioural Insights Team, a social purpose company applying behavioural science to social problems, where Kate was the Head of Growth and Equality.

Thank you Kate for your advice and help.

Vibeke has built ManageMagazine with the purpose of communicating research to leaders and managers to make the insights actionable and applicable. It’s a ‘free for all’ model. Vibeke is giving advice on how to make a sustainable model for the Inclusion Nudges initiative and scale up to reach millions of people by getting more traffic to the platform.

Thank you Vibeke for your advice and help.

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