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Inclusion Nudges is a change approach developed in 2013 by Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen
based on our extensive experience as global change makers for inclusion combined with our background in behavioural sciences. Winds of Change Award Honorable Mention 2021

Inclusion Nudges change approach and global initiative

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Inclusion Nudges



There is a need to leverage the diverse human potential of everyone to co-create inclusive organisations and communities


Inclusion Nudges are behavioural designs to debias and enhance inclusive collaboration, leadership, development, and decisions


Empowering you to apply Inclusion Nudges to engage all people in making systems, cultures, and behaviours inclusive as the norm

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What people say about Inclusion Nudges

This refreshing & timely book is filled with behavioural science-based practical examples, designed for easy use by people to de-bias, reduce harassment & create greater inclusion.

Amy Cuddy, PhD, Social psychology, speaker, Harvard University lecturer & author of Presence

The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook shows how practitioners can use behavioural insights to create more inclusive, more diverse, & better organisations. I recommend it.

Iris Bohnet, Professor at Kennedy School of Government Harvard University & author of What Works

This is a wonderful resource full of practical advice. Above all its greatest value is in demonstrating that bias can be addressed.

Binna Kandola, Partner Pearn Kandola, professor & author of Racism at Work

Changed my view on how to approach inclusion & gender equity.

Claire Bonenfant, Country Director, SThree

To limit bias damage, I asked around for practical tools, but felt many are stuck in the ’men are evil’ discussion. However, I was so pleased to finally get a hold of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook. Thanks a million!

Emma Hammarlund, Geo-biologist, lecturer & researcher at Translational Cancer Research, Lund University, Sweden & The Nordic Center for Earth Evolution, Southern Denmark

The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook is one of the most useful references in my library. I have incorporated a number of Inclusion Nudges. A great practical way of getting to action, rather than just talk.

Guy Martin, Global HR Program Director, ASSA ABLOY Group

This is a powerful toolkit that shapes our thinking in ways that help us learn to find new solutions ourselves. This is an important book for anyone who wants to create real, sustainable change.

Howard Ross, Founder Cook Ross & author of Our Search for Belonging

Reading the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook sparks my creativity. Sometimes, I find a nudge I can use exactly as written & other times, I get inspired to apply a twist or create a new one.

Julie O’Mara, Co-author of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks

I recommend the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook to anyone passionate about inclusivity. It is a collection of practical, implementable case studies grounded in real world experiences.

Kate Glazebrook, Co-founder Applied & formerly with the Behavioural Insights Team

An eye-opener for the importance & concrete benefits of de-biasing & inclusion.

Katja Pehrman, Senior Adviser for UN Women, The United Nations

Inclusion Nudges enable leaders to move from general awareness to catalyst agents for inclusion & diversity. The ideas are simple & immediately actionable.

Kaye DeLange, Vice President for Salt Business Operations and Supply Chain Leader, Cargill

I drew inspiration from your passion for behavioural insights and stand amazed at the great work that Lisa and Tinna started! Truly trailblazing.

Kim Kariuki, The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

The Inclusion Nudge Guidebook is a good resource for public servants interested in learning more about how to have a more inclusive society.

Lisa Witter, Executive Chairperson and Co-founder Apolitical

The Inclusion Nudges work is needed for designing organisations and communities to be more inclusive from the get-go rather than as an overlay or afterthought.

Minjon Tholen, Chief Inclusion & Strategic Innovation Officer, Amnesty International USA

I find this to be a great resource to nudge individuals towards inclusion. By using examples in the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook, the road to true inclusion becomes less bumpy.

Rashmi Vikram, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft India, & former Country Head at Community Business

This is a brilliant book full of tons of little things that can be done in all situations to nudge people’s thinking and actions to be inclusive. It’s a great book.

Sarah Bakewell, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, AWE

The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook has 100+ concrete examples that have been proven to lead people willingly towards more inclusive behaviour. These really do work.

Ursula Wynhoven, Leader advancing social sustainability & gender equality initiatives, The United Nations

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