The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook

100 Inclusion Nudges for Change Makers

WHAT A how-to guide with 100 behavioural designs scripted out step by step making it easy for you to re-design and de-bias cultures, processes, systems, perceptions, and behaviours to be inclusive as the norm everywhere, for everyone. A guide on how to leverage the diverse human potential to co-create inclusive organisations and communities.

WHO For you who are leading change. You work on organisational, community, or societal development and on diversity, equity, inclusion, social impact, human resources, and the UN Global Goals.

The text from the back of the book: The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook


The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook gives you more than 100 examples of how you can reduce the influence of cognitive bias and increase inclusive decision making, collaboration, development, technology, leadership, innovation, and leverage the full potential of people — all of us.

Inclusion Nudges are a proven change approach and design methodology based on insights from behavioural and social sciences, and the authors’ many years of experience. In this Guidebook, you get designs that target the shortcomings and strengths of the unconscious mind and promote inclusive behaviour, culture, and systems as the default and the norm.

Tinna C. Nielsen & Lisa Kepinski

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Engage and enable other people in making the needed change for sustainable and inclusive organizations.

Use the free Inclusion Nudges Quick Guide to introduce them to the Inclusion Nudges change and behavioural design approach (and combined it with Tinna’s TEDx talk and Lisa’s TEDx talk).

The Power of Inclusion Nudges (Quick Guide)

Get the Action Guide with Inclusion Nudges for Leaders and give it to the leaders in your organisation or community – not only to leaders of position, but also for people to lead inclusive collaboration).

Use the Action Guide with Inclusion Nudges for Motivating Allies to get other people to take action on inequalities. You show them instead of telling them. You make them feel the need for change.

Get the Action Guide with Inclusion Nudges for Talent Selection and use it in any kind of evaluation, selection, decision-making process – not only about talent to hire, but also ideas, projects, products.

Inclusion Nudges Blog

Inclusion Nudges is a change approach developed in 2013 by Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen based on our extensive experience as global change makers for inclusion combined with our background in behavioural sciences.

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