Inclusion Nudges for Psychological Safety

In all organizations and communities  

A new action guide book in the Inclusion Nudges series authored by Tinna C. Nielsen & Lisa Kepinski is currently underway.

This is focused on aspects of psychological safety and is titled: INCLUSION NUDGES FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY.

As with all the Inclusion Nudges books, it is based on the global initiative’s principles of sharing how-to examples of what works.

It’s about joining forces and empowering change makers worldwide.

We invite you to contribute your actions, case studies,
and/or tools that promote and create psychological safety 

This can be in any context—

teams, decision making, innovation processes, workplaces, schools, politics, governments agencies, community groups, etc.

Consider what you’ve done or observed being done that works well to:

Create a culture where people can be known for who they are and not hide aspects about themselves due to fear of personal risk

Deepen relationship-building of all people, including the ‘out-group’

Reduce fear of speaking up in any situation, and including to power, across hierarchy, when offering ‘negative’ information, etc.

Ensure grievance and ethics violations processes are used without fear of retaliation

Foster listening and acknowledging when people speak up

Remove barriers to contributing people’s full potential and thriving

Reframe ‘failure’ from fear, blame, and shame to be a path for learning and innovation

Bring transparency in communications to build trust, learning, & contributions

Have you done work on any of these aspects of psychological safety and have actions and resources that you’re willing to share?


If so, please let us know.

We will schedule an interview to discuss your examples.


Together, we will write up your example with you and there may be a couple of review rounds to ensure the action is well-captured. To start the writing, we are seeking the following from contributors.

We look forward to hearing from you and value you joining in the Inclusion Nudges initiative!

Lisa and Tinna


Title (this very briefly describers the purpose of the action)

Your name (this is just for Tinna and Lisa’s reference)

How you want to be referenced in the book (We create psychological safety for contributors. You decide how you want to be cited in the book with your example—named or anonymous)

What is the challenge that your action is addressing?

What did you do? How did you do it (describe the steps clearly)

What was the impact?