Let’s make inclusion the norm- everywhere, for everyone, by everyone!

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We are Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen,
the Founders of the Inclusion Nudges global initiative and authors of The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook and the Action Guide Series.

In this blog we share our personal and professional insights from leading change efforts for more diverse, equal, and inclusive organisations and communities worldwide.
Our purpose is to inspire and empower you to apply behavioural insights and the Inclusion Nudges change approach to make impactful change in your sphere of influence.


The Power Of Inclusion Nudges (quick Guide)

Learn what Inclusion Nudges are all about and why and how we can all be a part of re-designing our organisations, communities, and society to make inc...

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Bias Awareness Is Not The Solution! It Might Backlash!

Unconscious bias awareness training has become the most used response to combatting discrimination and inequality, and a quick fix solution to try to ...

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Definitions Matter – Just Don’t Talk About Them. Diversity, ...

Learn WHY it matters how we frame diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion, & belonging work and efforts. The outcomes are impacted by how we defin...

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2 Ways You Can Nudge People To Be Allies

We give you two simple ways you can turn this around and make people strong allies for equal opportunities, combatting discrimination and taking actio...

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Yes, I'm Biased...

Bias is a universal human condition affecting all of us. But seeing bias in ourselves can be hard as it happens in our automatic, system 1 thinking...

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4 Ways You Access Diverse Insights For Innovation

Do you want make good decisions and come up with new and better solutions? Here are 4 practical ways that you get access to diversity and reduce the n...

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Reframe Language On How We Work Today

Working from home has become the current norm for many employees in jobs that allow for work to be done in this way....

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Stakeholder Inclusion - The Power Of Speech Bubbles

Stakeholder inclusion and the voices of 'the people it's about' are important in any kind of development and change processes. The question is how do ...

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