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We are Lisa Kepinski and Tinna C. Nielsen,
the Founders of the Inclusion Nudges global initiative and authors of The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook and the Action Guide Series.

In this blog we share our personal and professional insights from leading change efforts for more diverse, equal, and inclusive organisations and communities worldwide.
Our purpose is to inspire and empower you to apply behavioural insights and the Inclusion Nudges change approach to make impactful change in your sphere of influence.


The Power of Inclusion Nudges (Quick Guide)

Learn what Inclusion Nudges are all about and why and how we can all be a part of re-designing our organisations, communities, and society to make inc...

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Bias Awareness Is Not the Solution! It Might Backlash!

Unconscious bias awareness training has become the most used response to combatting discrimination and inequality, and a quick fix solution to try to ...

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Definitions Matter – Just Don’t Talk About Them. Diversity, ...

Learn WHY it matters how we frame diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion, & belonging work and efforts. The outcomes are impacted by how we defin...

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3 Inclusive Actions for Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is triggered by inclusive actions. Groups with behavioural norms supporting psychological safety, …

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Men maintain norms they dislike! They haven’t learned how no...

It’s quite common that men (especially white heterosexual Western men) are portrayed as the villains of inequality. It’s equally common to blame and s...

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A Secret Straitjacket of Shame

More and more organisations have an increased focus on ‘belonging’ and ‘uniqueness’ in their efforts to create a truly …

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Change: From an Elastic Band to a Catapult Mindset

During 2020 and onward, there have been urgent calls to action for creating a more inclusive and equitable world. As ch…

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Ask Lisa & Tinna: How Do I Create New Inclusive Workplace Mo...

This question comes from Barry Phillips who is a former practising barrister specialising in employment and equity issu…

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Ask Lisa & Tinna: Why sponsor and not mentor?

This question comes from the CEO of a public film institute, where Tinna is working with the film consultants in co-cre…

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